Sunday, December 27, 2009

Four More Killer Days To Wrestle.

Yet again,the update.As most of you guys should know,i've been working throughout december, and alas, the last four-day-spree of work thats starting tomorrow seems so close, yet so far. Actually it turned out not as terrible as i expected it to be, turns out that time passes kinda quickly there. People there are fun and kind. Though i'm already sick of Lady GaGa and Rihena's ambum, not to mention that album of carol songs(sadly enough.Nice it was, but one'd think otherwise when you'll have to listen to it for 12 hours).

The habit of waking up early has sorta implanted itself into me. Not that it's bad or anything, lest it'll help me to wake up when school reopens soon enough.argh. Well, its mainly the desire to check what mouse i caught over the night that pushes me off the bed, and some time alone with the com is always enjoyful. I hate it that every time my dad nags and shouts at me when i play the com for too long. Heck, its just like 2 hours, and he shouts. Just leave me be and let me have some fun cant'ya?

Just one more thing till i stop. Went back to Ipoh yesterday for my cousin's wedding. And the usual, starving stomach, long waits for the food to serve, horrible old farts singing, loud shouts of cheers, and nice food. Though one different thing happened. Know when you go to weddings, you give ang pows right? And the bride and groom also give out angpows to the kids/teens/unmarried. Funny thing is, the bride(i dont know who she is at all) gave an angpow given to her to me. The ones that they GIVE, was 5 bucks. The one they RECEIVED, was 70. So, they gave me the one they received(the bride,that is) and a one the're sposed to give(from the groom). Some luck eh? 70bucks out of the blue. Though the luck sorta ended at midnight. The new tyres my mum just changed last morning flattened at the highway on the way home. Snapped awake from my hard earned sleep by shouts from my dad to help him change a spare tyre, which i dint really have to help. Uncle was driving behind us, they both hushed me away cause im blocking the lighs. So, grumpy and sleepy, chitchatted with my cousins on the side of the road. Sadly, it was cloudy and i cant see the stars. Everything after that went smoothly. And everyone arrived home in one bloody clean piece(well me and my dad's hands were dirty from the tyre).

That sorta sums up things. LONG post, sorta meaningless, but i guess it'll suffice.Tata~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back online!

Ewei is back and ready to rumble! Finally, internet connection is available at my house. No more near death boring hours at home =D woots~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baa Baa Baa,Shu Ba Du Ba~

FoR SoMe ReAsOn,ThE fOnT tHiNgGiE iN mY bLoG iS gOnE.sO i CaN oNlY uSe ThIs FoNt AnD CoLoR! LoL!

Heck cares anyways..Days of boring-ness is slowly changing to days of stress-ness! As you guys know,exam's just around the corner,trying to catch us off guard while walking past it. My friends and me included is finally starting to study now. Some made kick ass progress,some just..y'know..take things slow.

Talk about progress,I'm back writing my story. The words just seem to come back,and y'know..they wont stop.Anime and my story is stopping me from me studying,but I think i'll manage anyhow..

Wired update..this one.Anything lah.Ciao~

Monday, September 28, 2009

I am blogging with my phone! XD

Haha this aint for fun okay decided not to pay the bil,and im bored as hell at home,so here am i!blogging with my phone xD hope opera mini dont cost much..or mum's gonna skin me alive =x

P.s. My blog is 15kb's big only xD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

-insert title here-

-insert isi-isi kandungan here-

-insert penutup here-

That's about everything!Some post this is...

Roared by the dragon of the wild,child of none.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random-ness (ewei version xD)

Also rather bored here,so I said,hey,why not do what juinn did too?xD So here goes,people in my link list.But,i'll start from bottom to top xD

zhu zhu O_o
Real dear friend of mine in maple,the name came from her actually,she's trying to think of a nickname for me,then she suddenly went "I KNOW!ZHUZHU LOL!Call me that also ah xD"

The knife wielding idiot xD constantly bullying the 4B girls,swearing,swinging his knifes,trying to sell them to us also,and will never miss the chance to have a smashing round on my piano.Badminton style known as 'karate style'

Suet Yen.
Standard 6 friend,don't really talk to her now,since she don't really online much,and it's been AGES since we had an outing for our 6H students(not to mention she always get to find a reason to not come =.=)..So,yeah,thats Suet Yen for ya.

Another idiot friend of mine xD Meet him through a course called Asia works 2 years ago.Crazy dude,foodist,computer spammer,ape,monster,yippie cup,zanmai,chowie xD

Sheila =D
A.K.A. pendek,and proud of it!Chibi shuffler i call her.Always showing off her skills,crazy cam whore,crazy,loud,crazy.

The NeRd man
Okay lah he's Leonard,one out of the 3 best friends.4th year knowing him.The only one thats crazy enough to go everywhere and anywhere with me.Bloody funny dude.Garlic cheese nan double cheese,Teh O'ice limau,limau ice.

Dad's friend's daughter that some how became my friend also xD Again,we go to AsiaWorks.Damn good course,that one.

Jocelynn's cousin sister.Enough said?

Jia Bao.
Oh,she just onlined xD Umm..strong christian(i spelled that right,right?)I can say.And the usual greeting i get from her every morning will be..'OH ewei! Where's your name tag,badge and daun petaling?Ayio so many months at school liao still dont have etc etc etc' and it goes on and on =D For some reason she likes to NAG,but she somehow don't nag me when i sleep at class o_O

Nuer! xD Maple friend,very cute and noisy de.Noisy in maple,y'know?flooding the chatbox and stuffs like that?

Doofus Zhang.
I think i've ran through him plenty of times.Another best mate out of the 3.This one here is more like the counter part of me.Direct opposite,see?My ex-alarm clock,still nagging at me for things i forgot to do,my bad habits,this,that,bah.

eLi ElI
Eli-chan~ xD Another dad's friend's daughter that somehow turned to be my friend.AsiaWorks works its magic xD

Chun How.
Hao kor!The bloody perfectionist =P,superb handwriting,has a bomb fuse temper,he's braces free!Gah wait till my turn comes.

Okay Im Running Out Of Colors To Pick Already.

Cheryl. much to say lah,dunnoe where to start with,sorta be friends this year,made us go to badminton every friday,blur,sleep late,always fail to study due to rc,bad eating habit,slow replies in msn and messages,another piano player,famous,and has a smile of...uber good lah!

Code named 'kai yeh',standard 6 nutter,as short as me when we're std 6,now as tall as me also xD Claims to sing very well,never seen him in action,but we always sing last time to annoy other friends.

Okay lah she's Foong Khei.AsiaWorks friend,adores cute stuffs,likes singing also,and scolds 'baka!all your fault' for nearly all the things.Like a little girl.Sister of Mun Chun,badminton pro,friend at AW also =P

Cousin+childhood friend,we always hang out last time,her sis,her,me and my sis.VERY easy to make her cry HAHA.Just make a circle around her,then point at her and chant 'oh,oh,ta ta yo' and enjoy amusing results.Well that's for last time though.

Jie! =P The ape's mate haha.For some reason she private-ed her blog,and says she invited me to allow me reading her blog and stuffs like that,but until now,i still can enter her blog lol.

Eli's brotha,super flirter,and loves to eat.Likes to nag at her sister,but they look cute together =P

The ape's arm rest.AW-ian also xD One thing i admire about her is,she can draw.Like dog.You hear me pooch?xD Draw like dog.I mean it.Used to dream to be a mangaka(manga drawer)..But she told me that she's flying to Korea to SING.waste,waste,but all the best =)

The nub who claims he's pro.Not just pro,but super pro.Freaking funny dude,very tank dak,has parents who KICK ASS in badminton,and he..also okok lah!Got like..10% of me =)

Okay that's about everything!It did kill some time =P Tata~

Roared by the dragon of the wild,child of none.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a little somethin xD

Try not to let the jaw drop xD